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All soil is not equal. Depending on geography, there are vast differences in soil types, characteristics and properties throughout the world, and each of these differences can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your dust control or road construction project. Having been on job sites and experiencing first hand the costly delays and re-orders from other suppliers because the product did not perform has taught us at SoilPros that soils testing is a necessity, not an option. Thoroughly understanding your soil’s unique properties will go a long way in helping to find the right product solution and ultimately save you time, money and valuable resources.

SoilPros’ state-of-the-art, standards compliant laboratory can perform a wide range of soils tests, ensuring the right solution to fit your specific needs. Because soils around the world are so variable, specialized testing, and control over our manufacturing process, allows SoilPros to accurately identify your soils’ unique properties and create targeted solutions within our chemistry to truly engineer a ‘custom blend’ solution designed specifically for your requirements. Finding the right product, and verifying performance in our lab, will absolutely save valuable time and money on your critical projects.

SoilPros’ laboratory performs testing in accordance with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and can assist with everything from selecting the correct product, application rates and dilution ratios and best practice application methods to evaluations of penetration depths, surface crust measurements and more. Our testing capabilities include:

• Soil Classification and Index Testing
• California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Testing
• Soil Work (Proctor and Modified Proctor Testing)
• Unconfined Compression Testing
• Sieve Analysis
• Plasticity, Liquid Limit Testing

Please contact the SoilPros team to learn more about our laboratory and its capabilities or to have your soils tested. Properly identifying and defining your soil’s unique properties will allow the staff at SoilPros to engineer a customized solution guaranteed to perform in the field, save you money and take the guess work out of earth work.