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Mission Statement
The mission of SoilPros & Associates LLC is to lessen the environmental impact of soil stabilization, erosion and dust control challenges and to positively impact the lives of people around the world by providing eco-friendly, science-based, viable and creative stabilization solutions through experienced, consultative and ethical business relationships designed to educate and equip clients worldwide with the skills necessary to successfully control soil stabilization challenges in their own specific climate and terrain.

About Us

SoilPros & Associates LLC was created in the Panamanian jungle. After working globally for a number of years, providing both simple and complex soil stabilization solutions for other manufacturers, we learned something. We learned that all soils are not created equal. Products that work for a project in Arizona may fail miserably in the jungles of Panama. We learned that our global community was in need of education, consultation and support for the soil stabilization challenges they were facing. The combination of chemistry, soils engineering, soils laboratories, production blending facilities, applicators, trainers and an ethical, professional business structure were all necessary to provide technical solutions that our customers were asking us for.

So we launched SoilPros.

The SoilPros & Associates LLC team is comprised of high-quality, experienced employees, with expertise in a wide variety of technical fields, with one common goal. Providing well thought out, environmentally friendly and technically-sound soil stabilization solutions to all of our clients worldwide. While that may sound simple, many of the companies selling soil stabilization and dust control products do not provide the critical services SoilPros offers. SoilPros embraces the idea of custom blends instead of carrying just a few products. We at SoilPros also believe that consultative services, no matter the global location, are equally important to the product solution. We are passionate about helping people around the world increase their standard of living and making our planet a better place for all. Whether it’s helping to construct rural roads in the Philippines so farmers can get their crops to market, capping a hazardous material site in Eastern Europe that has been polluting the water supply, or helping a family in Africa use SoilPros’ products to construct soil blocks to build shelter, SoilPros is committed to our global community'’s welfare and your project’s' success.

SoilPros has a wide variety of products that range from simply alleviating dust to the construction of global infrastructure. We also have the ability to test soils from all over the world at our accredited testing facility to determine how to formulate the best solution for our clients. And because we have chemists and production facilities involved, SoilPros can manufacture ‘custom blended’ products for any site specific global need.

SoilPros is proud to confidently say that we can help, no matter the challenge. Each day, all of us at SoilPros work hard to live up to our name, our global vision, and to exceed all of our client’'s expectations. Take a few moments to review our products and services. Then contact us today to answer any questions, discuss specific projects, to receive a quote, or to have your soils analyzed in our lab. The SoilPros team is always here to assist you with any soil stabilization need you may have.