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SoilPros & Associates LLC offers environmentally friendly soil stabilization products and geo-technical services worldwide. Our products help solve our global infrastructure challenges, dust control and erosion control problems by combining the appropriate eco-friendly chemistry with the years of technical field and laboratory experience to provide stabilization solutions for all of our customers globally. Our technical staff has provided customers in New Mexico (NM), Nevada (NV), Arizona (AZ), California (CA), as well as customers in countries all over the world, with a wide range of specifically formulated solutions. Soils variations from one geographical location to the next have shown us that it is not only important, but mandatory, that we formulate site specific solutions. A product that works well in the Southwestern U.S. in states such as Arizona (AZ), Nevada (NV), California (CA) and New Mexico (NM) may fail miserably in Columbia, Ecuador or Thailand. That’s why, with our chemists and soils engineers, we have developed Series of products rather than simply one or two formulations to provide a high quality road base stabilizer as well as erosion control solutions for many different kinds of applications, no matter your global location. We also offer specific dust control products in Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Nevada (NV) and New Mexico (NM) to help our customers meet Federal Air Quality Standards in those states, in all of the U.S. and globally.

With our Corporate offices located in Phoenix, Arizona, and our manufacturing facilities located near the Port of Long Beach in California, geographical distance doesn’t hinder us from offering products, consultation and applications services worldwide. And the relationship with our customers doesn’t end with the sale of one of our products. We firmly believe that mentoring our customers in the best practices in the uses of our products will produce long term successes for our customers, and long term business relationships with our organization. Unlike many other road base stabilizers, we take great pride in being a company that promotes solutions with environmentally friendly products, and outstanding technical knowledge at reasonable rates so that our business partners can build their businesses profitably and effectively. We believe that global soil stabilization isn’t just roads or products. It’s relationships, making the world a better place to live, free of dust, with better roads for towns to grow and so that farmers can get their crops to market, no matter what season of the year. The team at SoilPros & Associates LLC is proud to live up to it’s name each day and help “Build A Stronger Planet”. Feel free to browse our website to learn more about our products and services. For inquiries, contact us today at (602) 285-4939 to talk an expert stabilizer on the SoilPros team.


Our soil stabilization products are specifically formulated for unpaved roadways, rural roads globally, gravel roads in the U.S., road shoulders, airport taxiways, rural airport runways, mining and haul roads.

Applicable Products:

SP 500 Series CoPolymer
SP 400 Series CoPolymer
SP Subzyme


Airborne dust is one of the most significant health, environmental and safety problems on earth today. We have developed, and continue to develop environmentally friendly solutions to combat this problem. From products that simply reduce water truck cycles to products that completely eliminate quarry, runway, trail and road dusts, our team takes the dust challenge with a “can do” approach. The SoilPros team is trained in PM10 and PM2.5 regulations and fully understands the challenges that mines, builders and municipalities have in meeting Federal Air Quality Standards.

Applicable Products:

SP 100
SP 400 Series Copolymer
SP Ultra
SP Clear


Erosion control is different in every country that we have been in. In the Philippines, it means keeping fish hatcheries runways stable. In Panama, it means keeping a bridge footing from collapsing. In Texas or Arizona, it means keeping a mining company in compliance with the Federal Government. SoilPros has environmentally friendly chemical product solutions and mechanical stabilization solutions for all of your erosion control problems. We are here to develop a total solution for all of your erosion control needs.

Applicable Products:

SP 500 Series Copolymers
SP 400 Series Copolymers